Innovative Image Solutions & Electronic Journal Management

View the Full Picture – Covering All the Angles

Capture, store, maintain and view user images for each transaction with Innovative Imaging Solutions (IIS). Specially designed to help your bank fulfill regulatory and compliance requirements, IIS is the most comprehensive and class leading solution in the market today!

Key Features

The Full View

  1. Supports 4 cameras – with multiple images per camera
  2. AI Enhanced images for clarity
  3. Supports videos

Smart Viewability

  1. Powerful search capabilities (card number, event, date, time, etc.)
  2. Card number masking
  3. Device’s technical information (fullstatus)
  4. Configurable notifications & alerts
  5. Customizable reports

Optimized Storage

  1. Image size under 8KBs
  2. Real-time image transfer from ATM (agent) to Server (DB)
  3. Smart queuing in case of network unavailability
  4. Configurable data retention and archiving

Efficient Administration

  1. User rights administration
  2. Grouping of monitored devices (bank division, city, region, province, country)
  3. Network connection status
  4. Disk space monitoring

Future Proof Architecture

  1. 2 Tier Architecture – IIS ATM Agent & IIS Server
  2. Web Application for stand alone functionality
  3. Integration support for Monitoring Solutions (Vynamic View)
  4. Scheduled data archiving
Eliminate Manual Processes and improve efficiency

Terminate the need to manually retrieve and parse EJ reports with IPL’s cutting-edge Electronic Journal Management Solution. Specially developed to ensure compliance and improve your bank’s efficiency, our EJ management solution ensures you have what you need at your fingertips!

  1. Real time EJ streaming and data retrieval
  2. Automated data retrieval
  3. Centralized storage of EJ Data
  4. Anytime, anywhere access through our browser-based interface
  5. Multivendor capabilities

Specially designed to empower you!

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