VynamicTM Connection Points 6

Built to connect, Built for more

advanced multivendor software platform that enables your ATM fleet to do more

Despite the new payment methods, your ATMs are still number 1 access point for cash. Self-service software is the foundation for your digital transformation strategy and can be used to unlock and implement real omnichannel connection

built to connect!
Vynamic Connection Points 6 is designed for today's modern, open platform environment

  • Designed as a modern WebApp that embraces the latest digital technology.
  • Stateless environment so that few or no modifications are needed to the host to support features, devices and transactions.
  • Windows 10 operating system for up-to-date processing and speed.


The VCP-Pro Solution helps your bank reimagine the ATM Channel, helping to bring more advanced functional and direct core integration to your devices


VCP Lite

Advanced digital journeys on your ATM Fleet through additional value-added features through Diebold Nixdorf's VCP Lite Solution


Digital Integration

Supports custom themes, business rules, and messages across all of ATMs, regardless of vendors

Core Connectivity

Optimizes operational efficiency while offering on-us customers additional transactions and services

Denomination Selection

Allows transactions with customer selected denomination mix when supported by the network

Specially designed to empower you!

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